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Shade For Every Occasion

We love spending time as a family taking our three children for drives on the weekends. Our favourite thing to do is just drive, make turns, and take roads where we haven’t been before, always looking for that new spot for a picnic. We have our ‘Day Out’ gear always packed up and ready to go, so that we can just throw it into the car and head off. An essential item that many of us forget is shade. Even though in Australia we are used to thinking about shade when we are headed to the beach, it is important not to forget about how we will provide shade for the family when out and about at the local park, national park, at a dam or a sports field. There is nothing worse than getting home from a long day out and finding yourself sunburnt. We all know that sunscreen can fail us when we are sweaty, swimming or playing sport so it is crucial to be able to get out of that direct sun and safe from the harmful ultra violet radiation at every chance we can.

Our essential shade item is our 3x3m Deluxe Oztrail Gazebo. Not only are they the perfect size to provide enough shade for our family and friends, but they come with some great accessories meaning you can utilise them anywhere and for any occasion. Planning to be in the yard working for a prolonged period? Put up your Oztrail Gazebo, it will save your skin from sun trauma and help prevent sunstroke.

Our Oztrail Gazebo is always pulled out at the children’s birthday parties to provide much needed shade. They are so easy to decorate and really blend into the party theme, just add some streamers and balloons and why not even some themed cut-outs. I have set up a dance floor under one, craft table, face painting and even paddling pools.

They aren’t just good for children’s parties, for the adult get togethers they are great for setting up a bar under. You can create a shady seating area with some funky chairs or you could even go for a rustic picnic feel with a rug, some large throw cushions and a low coffee table made from a pallet. The frame makes it easy to add some battery operated lighting, so there’s no need to worry about running power cords across the dance floor.

When the school holidays come around accommodation can be real stress on the wallet so that’s why we choose camping. Not only is the stay cost much cheaper but it also gets the kids outdoors in nature away from the electronic devices. I also love how it forces them to think up new games and how they can use the surroundings for make believe fun. We are a family of 5 so when it comes to our campsite, organisation is key. We use our Oztrail Ultramesh Tarp for under the tent because not only does it come with a reinforced edge with eyelets which are great to prevent trip hazards, but it is also made from Shadecloth and therefore can be used at majority of campsites. For our kitchen and dining area we set up our 3x3m Deluxe Oztrail Gazebo, it provides ample room out of the sun for preparing meals or just sitting back and relaxing. I love to string some fairy lights or lanterns through the frame for that ‘glamping’ feel. For those times when we have rainy weather I just add a couple of the sidewalls to provide the family with some shelter. They are quick and easy to attach with velcro strips, and are great for some extra privacy or shade from the setting sun.

Market stalls, sports events, barbeques at the park, business promotion, animal shows, anywhere you need shade, the Oztrail Gazebo can help you out. They come in different sizes all with their own wheeled carry bag, guide ropes and pegs. You can choose from a whole heap of accessories such as side walls, leg weight kits, lighting, banner kits, removable awnings, gutter systems, inner screen house kit and even an inner tent kit. What happens if you lose or break a piece? Chances are The Shade Centre will have a suitable spare part. They stock a wide range of Oztrail Gazebo spare parts from replacement canopies, carry bags, legs and arms to the little pieces such as the moulded plastic fittings or Nuts and Bolts.

So if you’re looking for a way to bring your family together for some quality time, why not get outside in the fresh air. Just remember to ‘Pack Your Shade’ and there is no way your day can go sour.

Happy Outings!

Above: 3×3 Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo Navy

Above: Oztrail Ultrarig Tarp (over van)

Above: 3×3 Oztrail Deluxe Gazebo Green, fitted with Heavy Duty Side Walls.
Oztrail Ultramesh Tarp (Floor).

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