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Oztrail Gazebo Tips

Quite often we get customers come to us after they have been given bad advice from other retailers and users of Oztrail Gazebos, wondering why their gazebo didn’t do what was promised by other people. So here are some tips and advice, which if you follow, will help ensure you get maximum use out of your Oztrail Gazebo and we hope will clear up some areas of confusion.

Oztrail Gazebo products are designed as a portable and temporary structure only; they are not designed to be used for extended periods of time in place of a permanent structure. Oztrail Gazebo’s are not designed to cover cars or boats to protect them from all weather. Gazebos or accessories damaged by wind are not covered by warranty. It is up to the owner/user of the gazebo to take care and not put it up, or leave it unattended, during windy conditions.

The Oztrail Warranty excludes faults or failures caused by improper use and abuse; fair wear and tear; or follow to follow instructions regarding care and maintenance. Products used for a commercial nature, public or rental purposes are not covered by their warranty against defects.

Understanding Waterproofness of your Oztrail Gazebo

Oztrail Gazebos are manufactured from waterproof and water repellent fabrics however they are not designed for use in constant or heavy rain. With the addition of seams, zips and other desirable features an Oztrail temporary gazebo will not be as waterproof as other solid structures and not intended to be used as such.


When warm moist air meets cooler air condensation occurs. The Gazebo canopy forms and impermeable layer between the inside and outside conditions. The moisture inside the Gazebo condenses on the fabric.

Sometimes in cold conditions it appears that the fabric is leaking when in fact the cause is condensation. Condensation can be reduced if the gazebo is well ventilated

Structural Integrity

A well-pitched Oztrail Gazebo on level ground is structurally strong and most water resistant.

During prolonged periods of use it will be necessary to tighten guy lines and reset the leg pegs and check clear drainage of the roof panels.

Sagging and incorrect pitching weakens the Oztrail Gazebo structure and could allow water to pool on the canopy placing undue forces on the gazebo causing leaking and breakage.

Once the canopy fills with water you will need to push the water out manually before the weight of it damages your gazebo frame. Once stretched by the weight of the water the canopy will not return to it’s original shape and will therefore sag and move around more in the wind (and likely fill with water as soon as it rains).

Prolonging the Life of your Oztrail Gazebo

Oztrail Gazebo products are designed as a portable and temporary structure only; they are not designed to be used for extended periods of time in place of a permanent structure or dwelling. Although the fabrics are treated for UV resistance continuous exposure to sun light will reduce the life of the fabric. Fading of colour is an early warning sign. Fading and UV Breakdown from exposure to sunlight is not covered by the Oztrail manufacturer’s warranty.

Do Not leave your Oztrail Gazebo unattended during rain and make sure water does not pond on the canopy. The weight of the water could cause the canopy to tear and the frame to collapse causing damaged to both the Oztrail Gazebo and whatever is underneath it. This is not covered by the Oztrail manufacturer’s warranty.

If you think you will need to use your gazebo in wet weather then you would be better off purchasing an Oztrail Hydroflow Deluxe Gazebo as they have extra supports in the corners to reduce the chance of the canopy filling with water.

Always secure your gazebo firmly to the ground ensuring all peg points and guy ropes are utilised and remain firm. If you cannot use the guy ropes to secure the gazebo then we suggest using sandbags, base pod kits or other leg weights to try and hold it in place. Do Not have the gazebo up without it being secured and weighted to the ground in some way.  In heavy rain or winds remove canopy to avoid damaging the canopy and gazebo.

Do not fold up your oztrail gazebo with the canopy or accessories still attached. It could be damaged if caught in the scissor arm struts.

Never store a damp or dirty Oztrail Gazebo as mould and corrosion can form. Always allow the Oztrail Gazebo to dry completely before packing and stowing. If mildew occurs use a soft bristle brush or sponge with mild detergent to clean it off. After beach use or wet weather treat all zips, poles and pegs with silicon spray.

Sometimes after lots of use the zipper coil on Oztrail Gazebo accessories can burst open or does not close. This could be due to metal fatigue. This can be easily fixed (see page 19 of the owner’s manual that came with your Oztrail gazebo).

Always carry a roll of heavy duty tape for simple repairs to small rips, cuts and ash burns. This not only blocks the hole, it will prevent further tearing.

When removing pegs, do not use the webbing or corner of the wall as your handle. Either use another peg, a peg remover or the claw of a hammer hooked under the peg to remove them.

Care Instructions for your Oztrail Gazebo

Wipe down all surfaces with fresh water after use. To remove marks, use a soft brush or sponge with fresh water and mild detergent only and rinse with fresh clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly. After beach use or wet conditions treat all zips and metal components with silicon spray. Never pack away damp, dirty or wet.

Silver Lining on the Canopy of your Oztrail Gazebo

To achieve a UPF50+ rating on the Oztrail Gazebo Canopies a silver coating is applied to the underside of the fabric. It is a characteristic of the Silver Lining to mark during shipping, storage and use, possibly exposing the fabric through small marks. Oztrail understand these small marks on the underside of the gazebo canopy may not look 100% perfect however the marks will not affect the UPF rating of the canopy or the designed use of the canopy and therefore are not considered a warranty claim.

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