3.8m wide Polyfab PolyFX Shadecloth 230gsm


230gsm Commercial Grade Architectural Shadecloth

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Polyfab PolyFX FR Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

Architectural Commercial Shadecloth is primarily designed for use on Shade Sails and Tension Structures in both domestic, residential and commercial applications.

PolyFX is ideal for small to medium sized domestic shade sails and shade structures, and offers maximum ultra violet protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun. PolyFX can be used around beach entertainment and barbecue facilities, outdoor leisure and picnic areas. Other applications include playgrounds, preschools, secondary schools, camping grounds, hotels, motels and holiday resorts. Shadesails made from PolyFX also offer a striking alternative to flat roof timber pergolas and can be designed to accentuate any location, whether it be a home, garden or commercial establishment.


  • 3.8m wide
  • Available Per Metre or Full Roll (30 metres)
  • 95% UV Protection (approx)
  • Fabric Weight – 230gsm
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised HDPE using a knitted construction
  • Combination of Heavy Duty Monofilament thread and Tape construction
  • Physically Stronger then Standard, Domestic and Horticultural Shadecloth and is designed for use where maximum strength and sun protection is required
  • Heat Set stentoring process which is an extra step during the manufacture process designed to reduce fabric shrinkage and make the fabric more stable and easy to work with.
  • Complies with Australian Standards for Flame Retardancy
  • 10-Year Manufacturers Warranty against UV Breakdown (Conditions Apply)


Aquamarine: UVR 94.7% (VE) Shade 90.6%
Black: UVR 97% (ME) Shade 96.6%
Bluegum: UVR 95.5% (VE) Shade 91.7%
Cafe Noir: UVR 96.4% (ME) Shade 95.9%
Cappuccino: UVR 93.8% (VE) Shade 87.1%
Copper: UVR 94.6% (VE) Shade 87.2%
Grape: UVR 90.2% (VE) Shade 79.1%
Lemon: UVR 93.7% (VE) Shade 72.2%
Lime: UVR 92.7% (VE) Shade 79.2%
Manor Red: UVR 95.3% (ME) Shade 92.8%
Midnight Green: UVR 94% (VE) Shade 92%
Monument: UVR 96.3% (ME) Shade 95.7%
Navy Blue: UVR 94.8% (VE) Shade 93.4%
Orange: UVR 94.7% (VE) Shade 89.3%
Paperbark: UVR 93.8% (VE) Shade 82.1%
Platinum: UVR 88.6% (E) Shade 88.4%
Porcelain: UVR 91.2% (E) Shade 73.6%
Red: UVR 94.9% (ME) Shade 88.2%
Sandstone: UVR 95.3% (VE) Shade 87.1%
Slate: UVR 95.2% (VE) Shade 94.2%
White: UVR 95.3% (ME) Shade 76.2%
Woodland Grey: UVR 94.1% (VE) Shade 91.2%

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Aquamarine, Black, Blue Gum, Cafe Noir, Cappuccino, Copper, Grape, Lemon, Lime, Manor Red, Midnight Green, Monument, Navy Blue, Orange, Paperbark, Platinum, Porcelain, Red, Sandstone, Slate, White, Woodland Grey


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