Base Pod Leg Weight Kit Oztrail Gazebo


Set of 4 Base Pod Leg Weights


Gazebo Base Pod Kit

The Oztrail Base Pod Kit consists of 4 Pods, one for each corner leg of your gazebo, each designed to attach securely around your gazebo leg. Each Pod comes in two parts/sections that you can fill with sand or water (not included) or a combination of both. You then secure the Base Pod in place by putting each half of the Pod on either side of the gazebo leg then securing it in place using the large plastic thumb screws provided. The Base Pods have a plastic plug that pushes into a hole at the top of the Pod to keep the water and/or sand in place when being used.


  • Pack of 4 Base Pods
  • Each Pod comprises of two halves secured together by a thumb screw
  • Pods easily install around your gazebo leg
  • To fill just remove the plug at the top of the pod then replace it once it’s filled
  • Each Pod Measures approx 26cm Tall by 23cm Diameter
  • Each Pod weighs approx 8kg when filled with water or 11kg when filled with sand
  • Installs on any Oztrail Gazebo Leg
  • Colour – White
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty against Faulty Workmanship (Conditions Apply)

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