Brella Brace Beach Umbrella Securing System


Designed to help secure Beach Umbrellas and help stop them from blowing away

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Brella Brace

Designed to help secure Beach Umbrella in place on sand to help stop them from blowing away


Feed the Brella Brace loop under the umbrella plastic cap or through the wind vent (if your umbrella has a wind vent)

Secure the Brella Brace to a sandpeg a little outside your umbrella, in the direction the wind is blowing from. Attach the bungee and take up the play using the adjuster. Take care not to overtension as the bunjee cord will absorb moderate wind force

Note: Brella Brace is not designed to be used in very windy conditions especially when unattended.

No responsibility will be accepted for any damage caused by wind or misuse.

Comes with 300mm High Visibility Sandpeg

*Umbrella not included*

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