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What Oztrail Gazebo is Right For Me?

Buying the right gazebo for the right occasion

As official stockists of Oztrail Gazebos we have come into contact with a lot of customers using Gazebos (both Oztrail and Non-Oztrail) for many different situations so have heard quite a lot of feedback about what works and what doesn’t.
Often a lot of it relies on what you are expecting out of your gazebo and how you plan to use it. All Oztrail manufactured gazebos are temporary gazebos only so are designed for ease of use rather than strength, which makes them great for one day events (markets, sports days, quick camping trips, etc). If you are looking for a permanent cover for your driveway or entertaining area or are going camping for a few weeks that an Instant Fold Gazebo may not be the best option (though some customers will be willing to take the risk due to the price compared to a more permanent structure).

Oztrail sell a number of different types of gazebos, here’s a quick run-through,

Standard and Fiesta Oztrail Gazebos feature a frame that has struts along each side and an arm going from each corner to the top of the roof (like a pyramid) and a Green 150 Denier Water Repellent Canopy. Due to this roof design the Standard Gazebos tend to allow more water to run-off the canopy and though they aren’t as strong in the wind as the Deluxe Range they do pack down smaller and lighter.

Deluxe Oztrail Gazebos feature a frame that has struts along each side and struts going from the centre of each side to the centre of the gazebo (on a horizontal plane), which then has a post that goes straight up and lifts the roof into place. This design gives more stability in windy conditions and is recommended for all day events like markets, camping, corporate or trade events and long sports days. The canopy on the Deluxe Models are generally 300 Denier (unless otherwise noted).

Super Deluxe Oztrail Gazebos feature a Corporate Gazebo Frame, which have struts that are 30% heavier than on the Deluxe Gazebos, and a Deluxe 300 Denier Canopy (available in Navy, Black, White, Yellow, Red or Green for more variations for market and trade stalls)

Corporate Oztrail Gazebos feature the same frame as the Deluxe Gazebo however the Scissor Arm Struts that make up the roof section are 30% heavier than the Deluxe models. The canopy on the Corporate Gazebo is also thicker and stronger as it is a White 500 Denier fabric compared to the 300 Denier on the Deluxe.

Leisure Oztrail Gazebos feature a similar frame to the Standard Gazebos with Roof Ridge Supports designed to improve the water runoff on the canopy. The canopy is Fawn coloured and 300 Denier fabric (same as the Deluxe Models).

One of the most important things to consider when buying a gazebo is, “Can I get spare parts?” There is nothing worse than spending a couple of hundred dollars on a gazebo and having one small plastic fitting break, and finding out you can’t get a replacement part for it. Oztrail sell spare parts for all their current model gazebos so if an arm or plastic fitting breaks or if your carry bag is worn out, it can be replaced.
Oztrail also sell a wide range of accessories to suit their gazebos, in particular the 3m x 3m Deluxe Model which has over 20 different accessories available.

Oztrail Gazebos manufacture a number of gazebos that are re-branded and widely sold throughout Australia under various other brand names at major stores like Anaconda Camping & Adventure (Spinifex), Bunnings Warehouse (Marquee Easy Up) and Masters Hardware (Swift Pitch), just to name a few, so if you want to compare models and prices be sure you are comparing Oztrail quality to Oztrail quality.

Visit the Gazebo section of our online store to see the full range of Oztrail Gazebos and Accessories available and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the Oztrail range of Gazebos

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